August 16, 2018

10x10 challenge

A few weeks ago, my coworker and I decided to shake things up and do Style Bee's 10x10 Challenge.  You can read all the intricate details on Lee's blog, but the main criteria is that you choose 10 items to make 10 outfits that you then wear over 10 days.  We chose to do it over 10 work days meaning the challenge was on hold on the weekends, but you can do 10 days straight as well.  Below are my 10 pieces, the ways I styled them and my thoughts on the challenge!


1. Everlane pants
2. Lularoe dress
3. Dolce Vida sandals
4. SheIn top 
**swapped out for ASOS dress
5. J.Crew Factory dress
6. Vince Camuto shoes
7. J.Crew shell
8. Betabrand leggings
9. JOA skirt
10. J.Crew Oxford


--I loved the challenge of making 10 outfits out of 10 pieces.  It's a good creative exercise!  This will be great for travel where space is limited.
--I didn't love wearing the outfits 10 days in a row.  I would have rather intermixed them in with non-challenge outfits.
--I willingly chose pieces with stripes and patterns even though Lee recommends more neutral pieces.  I realize now that the bold patterns make it more obvious that you're wearing the same things over and over again, which I didn't like.
--It was so nice having 10 days of outfits picked out!  It definitely made my morning routine easier.

So what do you think?  Are you up for the challenge??

xo, Annelise


  1. What a fun way to work out the work week wardrobe! Loved the mix of patterns, something I've been too nervous to attempt, I can see that as long as the pieces are in the same color scheme, the patterns dont matter as much. Thanks for the ideas.

  2. So cute! I love the idea of coming up with different styles and outfits using pieces I already own. Its a fun way to spice up your wardrobe without just going out and buying new things! I will definitely be trying this.