March 23, 2017

fairly his - part xiv

[ Sweater: Jack Wills | Jeans: Banana Republic | Jacket: Zara (similar) | Scarf: J.Crew | Hat: Chance the Rapper | Sunglasses: Silvanos | Sneakers: Air Jordan ]

Photos taken in the Loop

Patrick left for a bachelor party in Miami early this morning and I'm missing him already!  We took these photos last weekend when we were out furniture shopping for our new apartment (!!!).

Patrick has always been a huge fan of Chance the Rapper...which has inadvertently rubbed off on me.   We love his music, his style, his approach to music sharing, and most of all his pride in the city of Chicago. We were moved by his recent donation to Chicago Public Schools and his stance on the cause.  It encouraged us to donate as well as get more involved in our community.  You can read more about it and donate here

We hope you have a great weekend!

xo, Annelise (& Patrick)

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