October 3, 2016

seeing red

[ Dress: ASOS (last seen here) | Jacket: Ann Taylor (also love this one) | Shoes: Forever 21 | Bag: LOFT | Lipstick: Tom Ford "Moroccan Rouge" ]

Photos taken at NBC Tower

We had another good friend's wedding this weekend - in Chicago!! - and here's what I wore.  I got this dress for my bridal shower back in March and I've been dying to wear it again.  A fall wedding felt like the perfect occasion.  I wanted to style it differently than the last time I wore it, so I went with matching cranberry shoes and a black clutch.

The only negative thing about this dress is that the zipper is really tricky.  When I put it back on to take the photos, I decided it wasn't worth the trouble so I just hooked it at the top and zipped it to where the skirt ends, and I think it actually looks fine that way!

Have a great week!

xo, Annelise

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