October 10, 2016

northern michigan

[ Jacket: Ann Taylor (also love this one) | Turtleneck: J.Crew | Jeans: Target (similar) | Bag: LOFT | Sneakers: Converse | Sunglasses: AJ Morgan ]

Photos taken in Petoskey, MI

We traveled to northern Michigan this past weekend for another friends wedding; the last wedding for us this year!  Fall was in full swing there.  Seeing the changing leaves on the hilly landscape was so beautiful.  I wore the above outfit for the long drive home.

Below are some pictures of Patrick and me from the wedding.  I wore this dress from Rent the Runway.  I initially got a different dress but it arrived slightly damaged so I was able to exchange it at the Chicago store.  I am so happy with what I got instead!


xo, Annelise


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