January 18, 2016


[ Sweater: Old Navy (also love this and this one) | Jacket: River Island (similar) | Jeans: Target (similar) | Necklace: Mirina Collections | Bag: Kate Spade (similar) | Sunglasses: Forever 21 (also love these) | Lipstick: Tom Ford 'Pure Pink' ]

Photos taken outside Bernie's Lunch & Supper in River North

Hope you had a great weekend!  In our yearly attempt to see all best picture nominees before the Oscars, we saw both The Big Short and Spotlight this weekend.  I thought Spotlight was extremely well done; I struggled to understand what was going on for most of The Big Short (economics isn't my strong suit) but still enjoyed it nonetheless.

Here's what I wore for a busy (and frigid) Sunday.  We had a walk-through and meeting with our coordinator at our wedding reception venue.  There was a lot to take in and lots to be done in the next five months, but we're getting so excited with how close it is!

Thank you for reading!

xo, Annelise


  1. These pictures were so perfect!Love your look and all your photos!

  2. What a gorgeous selection!Absolutely love these pics!

  3. What a nice pictures, it really looks good on you.

  4. Great pictures! Amazing design and images.

  5. The food at this place was delicious. The menu options we had at wedding venues NYC were great (it was hard to choose) and one course was better than the next. It was great that they had different options for those who didn't eat what we served.