September 25, 2015

fall to do list

Photo from this post last fall.  Other fall inspired posts here.

I know loving fall puts me in a category with just about the entire population, but that won't stop me from embracing it with open arms!  To make the most out of the waning daylight hours, I've put together this list of things to do in Chicago and surrounding areas.

        Visit  the Farnsworth House.
        Make homemade applesauce (this and this recipe look amazing!)
        Go to Six Flags Fright Fest with friends.
        Pick out a pumpkin at Goebbert's Pumpkin Patchmy childhood pumpkin farm :)
        Finally purchase that cape I've always wanted!  I adore this and this one.
        Stop at a cider mill during one of our (many) trips to Michigan.
        We didn't get around to exploring Pilsen or Hyde Park this summer, so I'm keeping them on my list!
        Do a Goose Island brewery tour or Koval distillery tour
        Roast s'mores at the fire pit on our rooftop (actually did this over the weekend with friends, and anxious to do it again!)
        Throw a football tailgate/potluck party.
        Cheer on the Chicago Marathon runners on October 11th.  Here's the course map.
        Find the perfect black coat for winter (this one is high on my list).
        Here are five restaurants Time Out Chicago has on their list to check out this fall.
        Bake these Pumpkin Whoopie Pies again.
        Also didn't get around to watching the sunrise over Lake Michigan this summer (it rises too early in the summer!) so that's still on my list.
        Go on the Frank Lloyd Wright walking tour in Oak Park.  I've already done it but wouldn't mind doing it again!  You can find more FLW information here!

Have a great weekend!

xo, Annelise


  1. Such a great list!! Love this!

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