August 21, 2015

25 things about me

1. I have a rare skin condition called Morphea and it has resulted in an ugly spot on my left arm.  In real life I typically embrace it, but on the blog I edit it out of photos (however I noticed never did in this post).

2.  While my immediate family is small (I have one older brother who lives in Memphis), my extended family is quite large; my dad is one of four, and my mom is one of eight.

3.  My one and only phobia is chalk.  I hate the thought/sight/sound of chalkboards, sidewalk chalk, etc.  Just typing this is giving me shivers.  It's so random and hard to explain!

4.  When I was in junior high, I went to modeling/finishing school.

5.  I've had to get stitches in my eyebrow and lip (thanks high school cheerleading).

6.  I lived in one house my entire life (which my parents still live in), however I had three different bedrooms thanks to multiple additions.

7.  I was in the gifted class in elementary school.

8.  I have a terrible habit of picking my split-ends.  I have tried and failed so many times to kick the habit.  Any recommendations are welcome!

9.  I learned to French braid in a dream.

10.  Up until recently, I never went by my full name.  I always went by Annie.

11.  I consider myself an old soul.  I get along much better with people much older than me.

12.  I'm a major homebody.

13.  In college, I studied abroad in China, South Korea and Japan.

14.  If I were stranded on a desert island, I could most definitely survive on cheese, french bread and white wine.

15.  I consider myself to have something I call a "dessert stomach."  I can be so painfully full from a meal, but once the dessert menu comes out, I have room for that.

16.  I went the past two years without owning a full length mirror.  That may explain some questionable shoe choices ;)

17.  I'm a master griller.

18.  I've always been tall and I have the class pictures to prove it.

19.  I dyed my hair dark brown in college.

20. I had a brief appearance on a reality show called "Best In Bridal" (on the FYI network) when my best friend was wedding dress shopping.  I'm sure you already know but reality TV is total smoke and mirrors - they seriously corner you into saying things!

21.  I have self-diagnosed myself as number-dyslexic.

22.  Dirty hands are my pet peeve.  Reference #3.

23.  My favorite movie is Rear Window.  Grace Kelly is my style icon.

24.  Although my finace and I have known each other since sophomore year of college, we didn't start seriously dating until we graduated and moved to separate states.

25.  I love walking.  It's typically my preferred mode of transportation around the city.  I walk 1.75 miles to work each day!

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