June 5, 2015

patio season

It's patio season (or in Chicago's case, rooftop season) which means time to party!  Our new apartment has an amazing rooftop with great views, giant grills, lounge seating, etc so I have the itch to entertain!  Here's what has been catching my eye on Pinterest lately.

This 5-ingredient mango salsa recipe will be great to have on hand for a spontaneous get-together

Bite sized appetizers

Loving this unconventional take on skewers

Grapefruit margaritas?  Yes please!

A healthy salad from my current favorite blog

How pretty is this set up?!

Two words: homemade sorbets

And don't forget, there's always a simple cheese platter you can throw together :)

Happy weekend!

xo, Annelise

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