February 20, 2015

academy awards party

Last year, on a whim, Patrick and I decided to throw a small Oscar's viewing party with friends.  We wanted it to be casual (mandatory pajama dress code, champagne in plastic cups) but that didn't stop me from getting into it.  It was a huge success and a fun change of scenery for a Sunday night, so this year I'm carrying on the tradition while Patrick is away.  Adding to the informality, most of these items can be purchased at your local grocery store.

My necessities:
(bonus points if it's in a cliche popcorn bag [found in the candy aisle])
--Classic movie theater candy
--Fun straws (I got mine here)
--Printed ballots for winner predictions

This year I got excited and baked funfetti cupcakes too!
(star toppers from here; baking cups from here)

Have you seen the nominees?  What were your favorites?  American Sniper gets my vote!


xo, Annelise

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